Why So (Un) Serious?

This one day, when I was in a hospital getting ready for an MRI, I was changing into a hospital gown and “I’m Sexy and I Know It” popped into my head. And then there I was, standing in a hospital gown and XXXL scrub bottoms, dancing to the music in my head.

I realized things couldn’t get much lower than that. And the more I thought about it, the more I came to the final realization that terrible, low point things happen to me on an exceptionally regular basis. I’d spent a lot of time ranting and raving in previous blogs, and that wasn’t getting me anywhere aside from generally anxious and frustrated with life, so I decided to spend my days thinking about all the awful things that happen to me and then sharing them with complete strangers because sometimes that’s all you can do.

This opportunity to turn things humorous has proven to be the way I should have gone years ago. Not only have I come to realize that I have some of the lowest points a nice girl could have, but I’ve also been able to laugh about them. Grasshoppers in the hair? Three visits to the DMV? It’s all in here, people.

Want to contact me? (Please contact me. Please.) Shoot an email to thelowpointoftheday[at]gmail[dot]com!


The small print: I’ll actually be writing about something really hilarious that could be considered a low point so as to save you from the discomfort of reading about my sometimes pathetic life.


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