Let’s See How 2014 is Going

Overall: Pretty well. I’ve already done makeup for three photoshoots and one wedding, plus hosted an event with a Mary Kay consultant. I was cast in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at a community theatre in the role of Marcy Park (which, duh because she’s Asian, and I’m one of I think four Asians in the entire theatre community of the state). I was also cast in a Night on Broadway cabaret-style show at another local community theatre, during which I will perform “Pulled” from The Addams Family musical in my friend’s wedding dress (long story). I substitute taught for a friend and the students, they liked me. Husband still loves me, Stella is still the fluffiest, sweetest, snuggliest kitty ever, and also she smells amazing. No seriously. She smells really, really good, which is a mystery to us since she consistently has cat food breath. I got a tooth fixed at the dentist recently, and he made it look like the other one next to it, and I think it’s the prettiest tooth I’ve ever had.

Day-to-day: Fair to middling. I suck at doing the dishes, keeping the different rooms of our condo organized, folding the laundry, sometimes DOING the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, and dusting. I see a therapist for these things, which makes me feel really bad, which leads to more therapist seeing. Husband continues to deal. I find myself in the throes of insomnia yet again, only this time I don’t have any sort of sleep aid medication, and my night guard (which I’ve been eating away at since I first placed it in my mouth) hurts. I have acquired a fantastic case of tinnitus. I’m kind of getting fat due to not working out since 2011. I discovered tonight that I have forty-one lip colors, which makes me feel excited for about five seconds and then truly appalled for the remainder of my thinking about it. Which, you know, can be a long time depending on how obsessive I want to be about it. I watch a lot of “Law and Order: SVU” and even more “CSI: Miami.” Let’s not discuss it.

I mean … there have been some really rad parts that have looked like this:

Professional photos by Mallory Francks Photography, Instagram photo by Daisyhead by Mary

Professional photos by Mallory Francks Photography, Instagram photo by Daisyhead by Mary

but there have also been less rad parts that look like this … a lot:

Kitchen counter#smh

So … we’re working on things. We’re trying to be adults who are productive and responsible, all the while tapping into our creative side and doing all the artsy things possible. Right-brained. I’m really, really right-brained. There is the possibility that the left side of my brain doesn’t actually work in any way whatsoever.


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