After harassing Puneet via Twitter about not blogging for eons (seriously the last time she wrote, I was like … getting my driver’s permit, I’m pretty sure), she retaliated by reminding me that I’ve left The Low Point woefully neglected. Well played, Puneet.

Well played.

In my defense I’ve had literally hours upon hours barely had any time at all to blog and am kept remarkably busy watching reruns of “CSI: Miami” and “Criminal Minds” while sort of washing the dishes and thinking about dusting/exercising/baking/shopping. Because, guys, I’m kind of unemployed. And that’s kind of what unemployed people do, I think. At least, that’s what all the daytime-TV commercials lead me to believe (also, we all have psoriasis and diabetes? Literally all of us?)

Image courtesy of downtownlalaw.com

Image courtesy of downtownlalaw.com

I chose this, though, and discussed things with Husband, and together we agreed this was a good idea. And for the most part, I think it has been — I’m happier, less stressed (okay, that’s a lie — I’m probably the same amount of stressed, only over different things now), and have washed the sheets every week since returning from Disney World, and that really says a lot about the state I’m in these days. It’s a good one.

But there are the things people don’t really tell you when you decide to start your own business that makes you entirely dependent upon other people’s needs (for the record, everyone needs makeup. They just do. Harrumph.) Like, you probably won’t get work for the first month. You might need to apply for a temporary seasonal job at a cosmetics counter at a department store, something that you are JUST OPPOSED TO ON SEVERAL LEVELS BECAUSE YOU DON’T SELL THINGS. You might become really intimately familiar with your cable offerings. You might post pictures of your own face on Instagram every day, making you feel 50% horrible and 50% vain because it’s the only portfolio/advertising ploy you’ve got under your belt.

I don’t regret it, I really don’t. I’m happy with the choices I’ve made, I think I’m really good at makeup artistry, it’s proving to be extremely enjoyable, and I have confidence that once things pick up, I’ll be able to run with it as far as I’d like. It’s just the beginning part that’s kicking my butt.

Image courtesy of zandas.net

Image courtesy of zandas.net


3 thoughts on “Homebody

  1. As a make up novice, I LOVE what you’ve been doing and sharing on Facebook and I’m so happy you picked up something completely new and different — most people never do that! Now please become as awesome as you can at this so you can do my makeup on my wedding, whenever that’ll be.
    P.S. The photo of you in the top right corner (in the grey sweater) is my absolutely favorite.

  2. Hey guess what? You ARE selling something. You. Your talents. The ability to paint women’s faces. So don’t say you don’t sell things. And you never know, working at a cosmetics counter may just be what you need to kick things into high gear. You can do this. (And if I didn’t already sell Mary Kay I would come to you.)

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