The Conundrum

Or, as my father-in-law likes to call it, the condom (no, seriously, one night Husband and I were playing cards with him and he suddenly turned to me and said, “What’s the word, Mary? Condom?” to which I naturally replied, “I don’t know what the word is, but it’s definitely not condom.” Conundrum. Is what he meant.)

When I started this blog, I hoped that perhaps of the seven or so blogs I’d started it would be the one to launch me into never-ending fame and glory. And after a year of still writing in it and having a modestly high number of WordPress followers, I decided it was Time. I’d purchase the domain for myself and then I’d fill out an application for BlogHer and then become a famous blogger, like the Bloggess. Except maybe a little less. A lot less.

In reality, I don’t really have plans of becoming all that famous via a blog, but there’s something very satisfying about the thought of my owning a website domain. All mine. It’s probably the only child in me. So I contacted my nearest student employee programmer, asked him to check and see if the Swedish man who failed to renew his ownership over, called Josh Weed, asked for his advice, messaged Puneet, my most favorite fellow Asian, and then hit the brick wall of doubt and confusion.

Like, what am I thinking? What exactly would be the point of paying for a website if I don’t think it will actually garner any sort of monetary return? And it’s not like I have programming experience — that I can just use pre-made themes designed by people smarter than I is quite novel and simple. And furthermore, do I want to limit myself to eternally writing about the low points of my day? Or do I want to expand my blogging horizons and come up with a kickier URL like and just write about everything that comes to my mind, funny or otherwise?

*face/desk* is still available — I just checked. Like, literally just now checked on GoDaddy to make sure. But what if the Swedish man, despite his not doing anything on the website for over a year and letting his renewal expire, decides he wants to get back into whatever his website was about? What if I miss my opportunity right after deciding that’s the route I want to go? Or what if I purchase it and then decide I did want to write all my musings down for the world? This feels like a huge lose/lose situation.

To my friends who’ve already voiced their opinions, I thank you. For those who haven’t, go.



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