The Funny Thing about Insomnia


There is nothing funny about insomnia.

I’ve been going through another bout, not because of the cat for those of you who are quick to blame my little princess fluffybutt marshmallow baby. If anything, I am bothering her while she attempts to slumber at the foot of our bed because I’m unwilling to suffer alone and trying to wake Husband is a less viable option. As of late the pattern has been: fall asleep, wake up at an ungodly hour, spend several hours attempting to fall back asleep, miss work alarm, awaken in a panic, go through my day, repeat, repeat, repeat.

The problem with things like insomnia and seizure disorders and panic attacks is that people don’t want to hear about them. They’re not really considered actual “sickness” like head colds or the flu — and they make people more uncomfortable to boot. Talking about phlegm? Fine. Anxiety? Let’s not and say we did.

So I’m taking a stand. For whatever reason, I cannot sleep these days, and it’s making me sick. And not in the blow my nose, suck on cough drops all day long sort of way. In the I’m unable to stand up long enough to make dinner sort of way. That’s a real thing. So maybe I’ll take a sit.


Let’s all take a sit at 2:30 am tomorrow morning, in defense of the sickies who others don’t believe are actually sick.


2 thoughts on “The Funny Thing about Insomnia

  1. BOO. I’m sorry. 😦 Is it because you’re stressed/excited with all the production in session? I know that happens to me when I have a lot going on.

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