On Pinterest, Laughably

I’ve decided once a week to start a new segment called “On Pinterest, Laughably.” Obviously, since that’s the title of this blog post.


I spend a pretty fair amount of work lunch break time on Pinterest, and while I find gobs (yes, gobs) of delicious recipes and great organization ideas, there’s always that one pin that is utterly laughable. And I want to make fun of it in a public arena.

**Disclaimer: this is not a place for me to make fun of human people.**

Today’s laugh

On Pinterest: “Skinny Snacks: Tastes like Arby’s Curly Fries”

What makes them healthy: You use egg substitute (I just died) and spray them lightly with cooking spray prior to baking them (I just died again).

Fact: If I’m hankering for a curly fry, I’m not going to take any substitutions, and I most certainly don’t want my craving to be fixed by something healthy. I want it deep fried, I want it salty, and I don’t want the word “substitute” to be part of the ingredient list.

Scratch that. I might want real food substitutions. And preservatives.


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