The Word of the Day is: Oversight

Today, class, we’re going to learn about the word “oversight.” Does anyone know what that means? No? Let’s turn to our Merriam-Webster dictionaries, then, and take a look at the definition.

Oversight: noun “an inadvertent omission or error”

Can any of you use that word in a sentence? Darcy, how about you?

“It would be considered an oversight that Mary planned an entire trip to San Francisco with her husband based upon a December 27th checkout, only to discover that morning that they should have checked out on the 26th.”

Excellent, Darcy! Perfect usage of that word. And, indeed, that would be considered an incredible oversight. I can only imagine how thrilled her husband must have been when, already distraught over how expensive the entire trip had cost them, he discovered he’d need to pay for an extra night at the hotel!

Anyone else? Bill? Why don’t you try to use it in a sentence.

“Many people would argue (although we cannot really know exactly what signage Mary saw as freeways changed names, plus we need to take into consideration the fact that her husband turned off the GPS and fell asleep) that it was an oversight that she somehow got onto I-5 and drove dozens and dozens of miles in the opposite direction and would have driven even farther if she had not elatedly called out, ‘Portland!’ when she saw the city sign, notifying her husband that she was headed on the entirely wrong path for southern Utah.”

Very good, Bill, although we could probably do without the parenthetical commentary, and that sentence was a little long. Now let’s move onto a lesson in geography. How many of you are familiar with the western United States?

No one? James, finger out of your nose, please. Let’s look at a map.

Western US

As you can see, she headed north, when she clearly should have only headed slightly south before going east. *shakes head*

Well, that’s all the time we have today, class. Tomorrow we’ll go over some handy tips in inclement weather travel.


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