A Great Story Followed By a Sad Story

This post is going to BLOW UP from all the photos. IT’S LIKE A PHOTO BOMB except in the good way.

I’ve always been pretty into Halloween — I don’t know from where it stems, but it probably has a lot to do with dressing up, free candy, and partying. I love dressing up, free candy, and partying.

Photo courtesy of gettyimages.com

My first memory of an awesome costume was from 1989 when I was one of the most legitimate looking mermaids you’ve ever seen. And we’re not talking Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” — no no. I had a nude colored leotard with iridescent lavender seashells and a rhinestone belly button and the best damn mermaid fins you’ve ever seen. Mom toiled over those mermaid fins and made them out of fabric that was clearly intended for nothing but Halloween costume mermaid fins.

Someday I’ll procure a picture of it and post it all over the Internet because things like that need to be shared with the masses.

I had a brief period of time when I put very little thought into my costumes, but here’s the thing. And it’s not a cop-out, I swear. Halloween is tricky when you’re Asian-American. “Oh, you’re Asian Snow White?” “No. Just Snow White.” You can probably see the conundrum. So I chose generic things like “I’m a caterer” or “I’m a waiter” (that tux shirt I had for the choir select ensemble sure came in handy) because I lacked the imagination and motivation to be anything else.

Photo courtesy of gettyimages.com
This isn’t me, by the way.

But then I got over the slump and started putting together costumes like Lady Gaga (yeah, that happened, and no, I wasn’t Asian Lady Gaga) and the magic was back on. Suddenly I realized I could be anything I wanted.

This is me, by the way.

But even with the newfound imagination, I still found myself in a bit of a pickle come October. “What if people don’t get it?” You can only be Lucy Liu so many years of your life. So you can only imagine how wondrous it was for me, and I presume Asian-Americans everywhere, when PSY became famous.

And not just a little famous. A lot famous.

Image courtesy of last.fm

It only felt appropriate this year that I be him for Halloween. And not an Asian version. Just the real McCoy, if you will (and you will). So when a good friend invited me to a karaoke/costume contest at a local pizza buffet (it was only shy free candy, but the mass amounts of sugar topped dessert pizzas made up for it), I had to jump (like a horseman) at the opportunity.

The Great Story

I looked like this all night long:

Heyyyyyyyyyy sexy lady

And I sounded like this:

The Sad Story

Some little white girl decided to be PSY for Halloween as well at this karaoke/costume party. This, in and of itself, wasn’t really problematic for me. After all, she just looked like a chick with too much hair gel, wearing her dad’s suit.

But then she sang “Gangnam Style”.

In Korean.

I’ve never been particularly fond of those who one-up me when I’m clearly putting forth great effort to be awesome. I told myself that it didn’t really matter — I’m from the right country, I had shorter hair, she might be a really big nerd for memorizing a song in a different language than her own. But no matter. The one-uppance had happened and there was nothing I could do about it.


5 thoughts on “A Great Story Followed By a Sad Story

  1. I love dressing up, free candy, and partying. – This sentence sums up pretty much why I love this post. Also, I was going to be Psy this Halloween and when I told my friend, the first thing she said was, “Oooh, a brown Psy!” Haha!

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