Smooth and Blended

A friend recently introduced me to the world of green smoothies. I should have prefaced this with the fact that I have never been and never will be a healthy eater. I tried counting calories once and found myself counting out how many cookies I could eat before considering myself a total failure.

I used to eat chocolate cake for breakfast growing up.

And I’ll say I was extremely skeptical. Anything that should be entirely fruit-based and instead has random leafy greens is probably going to taste really wretched. Because … random leafy greens. Should be fruit-based. I don’t even particularly care for V8 V-Fusion and I never add boosts to my Jamba Juice [as an aside: do people still go to Jamba Juice? Is that still a thing?]. But, as it turns out, green smoothies are really delicious.

YEAH YOU HEARD ME, CHOCOLATE CAKE, REALLY DELICIOUS. (No seriously – don’t be worried at all. I nearly always follow my green smoothie with some sort of dessert.)

So when Mom and Dad came to town, I naturally had to introduce my father to green smoothies (Mom had no interest, and that’s fine because let’s be honest, they look like baby vomit).

But I have issues sometimes with my blender. It’s a Kitchenaid, and it’s pretty powerful, but frozen fruit in mass quantities kind of gets it all freaked out and confused and then it just makes noise without actually liquefying. So I unscrewed the little part of the lid that allows you to pour things in or, as I did, shove a plastic spoon in there to break things up, and then it really got going. It was making some really excellent grinding noises and I was certain we’d end up with a lot of really smooth pureed fruit.

The Low Point

He lived a good life.


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