The Free Bed

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: any bed you can fold up into another piece of furniture is not going to be even sort of decent.

But let’s back ourselves up.

Our trip to South Dakota had a ton of high points. In fact, there were so many, they almost completely overshadowed any low points that occurred. We were doing lots of fun things, like this:

and this:

Yeah, took this from a helicopter. Word.

and this:

and this:

All this led to my being tired basically all of the time, and to be honest we probably hit the hay around 9:00 or 10:00 every night, like our parents might. Vacations kind of take it out of you. They just do — the whole point is to take a break and rest from working hard every day and then what do you do? You work harder than you ever would in an office to ensure you have one heckuva trip. No point in returning home and reporting to your friends and family that you had the sort of vacation that could be likened to filing and cleaning out the ole email inbox.

That would be a lame vacation.

Unfortunately, the one bright, shiny low point looked like this:

The best way I can describe this pitiful excuse for a bed is a sleeping bag full of shrapnel with dips and valleys and a base that elevated our feet in a way that would have been beneficial if, say, our toes had all been cut off and we were trying to survive. But that never happened — our feet remained completely unscathed the whole time we were there (thankfully — it would certainly be a REAL low point if my toes were cut off, let’s be honest. I feel pretty apathetic about Husband’s feet.)

But it was free. And free counts for a lot. And, as it turns out, the couches (unrolled out into a “bed”) were not all that uncomfortable at all and they, too, were free (the perks of traveling with family). So this story has a happy ending. I know, I know, it’s anti-climactic. You wanted me to end up in the ER with a broken spine, I realize, but I can’t give that to you. I can only leave you with one last picture:



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