Dangerously Close to the Edge

We’re now teetering into the zone of “This is officially low point material that is no longer funny … just low.”

Yep, another person figured I couldn’t possibly be Mary. That Asian face — it’ll apparently get you every freakin’ time.

If anything, the hair, eyebrows, makeup, and wardrobe should generally give away that I am not actually from the homeland.

In other news, Husband is away on a business trip till Wednesday evening, I nearly gave myself food poisoning with last night’s dinner, and school has begun, which means slow walking, confused 18-year-olds dominating campus. Which is cool, I suppose, if you’re a fellow confused 18-year-old looking for friends, but isn’t particularly desirable when you’re trying to get stuff accomplished in a timely manner.


3 thoughts on “Dangerously Close to the Edge

  1. This is like people telling me I’m not Asian because India isn’t a part of Asia! Only China, Thailand, Korea are! (Yes, someone actually said that.)

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