I Think it’s Time for a Contest

Before you get all excited, thinking about all the things other bloggers have doled out via contest, you should calm yourself down and realize the only thing I am bringing to the table is a $5 Amazon gift card, which will be emailed to you.

Image courtesy of hmvdigital.com
You could buy this off Amazon.com with a $5 gift card. You’re welcome.

Oh, there they all go. All of them, just scattering like ants at the sight of a Raid can.

Well, for the one of you who stayed, here’s The Plan:

I want to hear your low point stories. I want to hear your friends’ low point stories. I want to hear your friends’ friends’ low point stories (and so on), and I will then choose the absolute best/funniest/lowest point and publish it directly to this blog, which has, like, eleven regular readers.

I know. I’m offering the chance of a lifetime here.

The Criteria

You could technically email me a truly sad low point, but I should say right now that people don’t like to be truly sad while reading a humor blog.

You’ve probably noticed that I put little swears in every once in awhile (at the chagrin of my mother and Husband), but I don’t like the big swears. And you know what the big swears are, people. Let’s keep this PG. ish.

The contest begins now and will end on Thursday, the 16th, only because that is a week away and I have OCD, so a week away sounds the best. I’ll accept entries till 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time — anything after that will actually also be accepted unless I’ve already published the winner, and then I’ll read it and totally commiserate with you.

One entry per person, so choose the bestest one you’ve got.

You may send your submission to: thelowpointoftheday@gmail.com

… Aaaaaaaaaaaaand go!


One thought on “I Think it’s Time for a Contest

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