Fork Sushi

To say today was a remarkably frustrating, mentally exhausting day is an understatement. Because Husband and I were supposed to start moving into our new place today.

So you can imagine how pleased I am that our car is full of boxes and our walk-in closet isn’t totally empty right now. Super all-day-long story turned one sentence long short: some property management companies are run by really bad people who really like to lie about a lot of things. The bright, shiny upside: we got all our money back. Except for the application fee, but Husband and I didn’t really want to push it too much. But if you end up coming across this and reading it, Laurie, well. You know where to send that $30.

There’s something really exciting horrifying about knowing you’ll be homeless in 14 days unless you find something right quick. Some people work well under pressure, and who knows — I might be one of those people — but I know how I am under duress and I’d say not moving into a condo because of bad, lying people has made me very distraught. What if we don’t find anything? What if our instincts are broken and we end up somewhere worse? What if Mr. A actually owns all the property management companies in the entire world? (That last one isn’t very likely, so it only plagues my anxiety-ridden thoughts every once in awhile.)

And so, with heavy heart I share with you this: Tonight was an “eat grocery store sushi with a fork” sort of night for me. Yeah, you heard me. Grocery store sushi. With a fork.

Sushi courtesy of Smith’s Food and Drug. Yeah that sounds super legitimate.

It was awful, you guys. Just awful.

And I was on edge enough for Husband’s chewing to drive me up the wall. It was like, “What is your problem!? You keep putting food into your mouth and moving your teeth around AND THAT SOUND IS DRIVING ME NUTS.” And then he felt sad.

To top it all off, he turned on an episode of “Star Trek: Enterprise” and promptly fell asleep, leaving me with Captain What’shisname and a cast full of really lame, really forgettable characters (TNG for life, people).

An immediate update: Tonight also might be an Almond Joy post-sushi chaser night, too.

We’ll see.


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