Reckless Living: It Will Catch Up to You

Back when we were 21, Husband and I decided we would catch the 3:30 am showing of “Dark Knight Rises” on the opening day in an IMAX theater because we were fun, crazy kids with a lot of vibrancy and an ability to pull all-nighters free of consequence.

False. We decided this about 21 days ago because we are idiots.

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As means of explanation: On the first day you could pre-order tickets, enough people had beaten us to Fandango to ensure all the other showings, for the entire week, would force us to sit in the front row. And if there’s anything I won’t do, it’s sit in the front row of a movie theater. And as luck would have it, there were still a couple semi-mediocre seats in the very front of the middle section, on the aisle, for the 3:30 am showing. We considered everything — how neither of us work on Fridays, how we could waste the remainder of the day sleeping, how we would absolutely have the stamina to sit through a 3-hour movie in the dead of night, and then we bought the tickets.

Sometimes reserved seating in a movie theater is basically the greatest idea ever, and sometimes it is a real b-word.

So when I woke up this morning, I devised a really brilliant plan that meant I would survive through the night because, contrary to popular belief (of Husband and me), this is not something we can successfully do without some sort of plan in motion.

The Plan

First, come home from work, make a delicious dinner and eat so much that it will put us into a food coma

Second, do not, under any circumstances, eat or drink something that will make us feel energized; no exercise allowed

Third, go to bed around 6:00 pm and sleep till 2:20 am (we live about 40 mins. from the nearest IMAX theater — thanks, Husband, for that stipulation)

Fourth, purchase a really large caffeinated beverage from Concessions

The Flaws

First, dinner was kind of spicy. We didn’t eat that much. Food coma didn’t happen.

Second, we ate a lot of candy, which made me feel REALLY EXCITED.

Third, we went to bed around 6:00 pm but I unfortunately awoke around 8:15 and Husband woke up around 9:00 when his cell phone went off. Like, we took a nap. A leisurely nap at a really horrible time.

A really large caffeinated beverage from Concessions will undoubtedly happen.

So we have reached a juncture. Falling back asleep might still be on the table, but there are a lot of bad scenarios that could occur — we wake up at 2:20, remarkably tired and angry and kill each other on the way to the theater; we sleep through the alarm, wondering why we set one for 2:20 in the first place; we get to the theater, become horrified by the large mass of people, and turn around to come home and be alone like pod-people. Or we pull an all-nighter and then a) fall asleep in the theater during the movie, regardless of the volume level and excitement surrounding us, or b) manage to stay awake through the movie and then die on the freeway sometime around 7:00 am.

If the latter happens, well, it’s been great blogging for you. Seriously, you’re the ten greatest people on earth.


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