And Then She Remembers Why She Hates Running

I knew my love of running was going to run out (ha! Seriously, people, I am this funny all the time!), but I wasn’t quite sure when. I had these awesome shoes that I was certain would take me farther and faster, shorts that not only showed off my shapely legs but wicked away sweat and had these adorable little pockets for my really old, stupid iPod, and a body that didn’t break down with every step.

I was going places, you guys.

They promised. They promised to take me farther and faster.

But this morning was a little different.

I had the shoes, I had the shorts, and I had the iPod. The body is more or less not breaking down, although it’s not as spry as I remember it being on the treadmill in the climate-controlled gym. But things happened.

First, there was this woman who was merely walking the entire track (I went to the ole high school in commemoration of this weekend’s reunion … which is kind of funny, when you think about it, because I ditched the Track & Field informational meeting early) and who I could never catch up to. Never. Not once. I wish I could say she was actually ten feet tall, making each one of her gigantic steps the equivalent of about five of mine, but alas … she was probably only about 5’9″ or 5’10”.

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Second, I mistook my parent’s outdoor thermometric claim of “it’s only 68.9º outside right now!” to be truth, failing to take into account its being in the shade. I’m not exactly positive what the current temperature is, but it felt hot and sweaty.

I hate feeling sweaty.

And, finally, during my final slow, laborious lap, it was brought to my attention (by myself) that I was, in fact, wearing my t-shirt inside out.

“Oh hey, what’s this? Is this the tag? Why is it sticking out through my shirt? Is there a hole? No wait it’s … is it inside out? Am I wearing my shirt INSIDE OUT?”

I have nothing more to say on this matter.


5 thoughts on “And Then She Remembers Why She Hates Running

  1. I have never seen anyone who wants to find more excuses not to run than you. 🙂
    But they are kind of legit… I remember my old excuses… like I’m shy to be seen by my friends… 😛

  2. Well at least you try to run, shirt inside out or not. I recently tried it again on the clod stomping treadmill and gave up after 2 long minutes, completely winded and exclaimed, “Running is MUCH harder than walking!” And back to power walking I went.

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