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I’d like to think you read my blog because you like funny things. And much like I enjoy being right, I also enjoy being considered funny.

It would be a real low point if you read my blog out of familial/friend obligation or because you and your friends like to make fun of how lame it is. Seriously, I would totally cry. Lots.

Anyhow, I fully recognize that I am absolutely not the funniest person out there, and I like to share funny things with the world (or, you know, ten other people), so you might have noticed the “Blogs to Follow” on my upper right corner. Oh, you haven’t noticed that? Tsk tsk — I changed my blog theme and everything so you would. Anyhow, it occurred to me recently that you might not know why I think you should follow these blogs, and so … (The Apostrophist: a Grammar Blog) — This isn’t actually a humor blog as much as a blog that will make you a better human being. This is actually the website for my best friend’s editing business, which covers everything from web content to syntactical sustenance. But when she writes in her blog (including the Oxford comma and how to use words like “comprise,” which seriously you’re probably using incorrectly), she’s extremely witty and clever. And if you were to hire her to be your PERSONAL EDITOR, you’d get regular doses of her hilarity. All day long. So hire her already.

Hyperbole and a Half — Blog readers beware: you might pee your pants whilst reading Hyperbole. Allie deftly combines the magic of the written word and the artwork that can be produced by Paintbrush (as in the Paintbrush that comes standard on every computer and essentially allows you to draw pixelated squiggles with your mouse). That, in and of itself, is hilarious because she draws herself as such:

Image courtesy of

As means of forewarning, there’s adult language in a number of the posts.

The Weed — I’m proud to say that I know The Weed personally — I’ve known the entire family for years (his parents were even at our family only wedding ceremony, so if that doesn’t indicate closeness, then I don’t know what does.) You might have recently heard the name Josh Weed or Club Unicorn thrown around on the Interwebs … you know, like on or (No. Big. Deal.) due to his recently coming out of the closet on his 10-year anniversary (celebrating his marriage to a woman who knew he was gay before she even married him.) Not only does he produce hours of giggly fun, but his daughters are chock full of excellent fodder, such as Bambi Nuggets and family-run cesareans.

The Surfing Pizza — I came across this blog by Google searching for humor blogs. Incidentally, when you do something like that, you end up with a lot of blogs that are not even slightly humorous. But! Chances are you will find something that is wordsmithing gold. I spent the majority of a work day reading post after post, ranging from flea market finds to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And the biggest upside? He has a Master’s in writing from Johns Hopkins University, so he actually knows how to write.

It’s like magic, you guys.

So those are my top four blogs right now. And I actually read them. Like, I get emails and notifications on Facebook that posts have been published and then I immediately stop what I’m doing and go to the original sites and read and laugh and share with my friends and then drop into a bit of a depressed slump realizing that, in comparison to these fine individuals, I am actually not all that funny. Never mind. Someday I will be.

And at least I have my rightness to tide me over.


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