And this is when you meet Shadra

Remember how I mentioned Shadra in my “About Mary” section because I knew she’d make some amazing appearance at some point?

This is that point.

Oh, sure, I’ve namedropped a few times, but this post is actually all about her. Which is really saying something because I love writing about myself all the time.

Shadra edits things. Yes, she even edits this blog for me, free of charge, because we are best friends and that’s what best friends do. Shadra even edits things professionally and has a brand new, beautiful website:

At, you will find not only tools to help you become a better writer for web content, book proposals, and much more; you’ll also find links to contact her so YOU TOO can become a superstar writer.

Admit it, you totally want to be a superstar writer right now.

Look how much she helped me!

The Low Point

Um, you’re still here and not there.


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