One Shameful Lunch

I’m going to unabashedly state, right here, on the interwebs, FOR EVERYONE (aka, the five of you) to read that I love coupons. Not in the extreme sort of way, but when they arrive in my mailbox, I’m pretty stoked.

Most recently: Arctic Circle. I love their fry sauce. And because we’ve been working out lately, Husband and I decided it only made sense that we have an enormous Arctic Circle lunch yesterday because…we’ve been working out. It makes sense.

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I’m going to preface my lunch decision with the fact that Husband ordered five — yes, five — hamburgers and a small peach milkshake. Shocking, no?

Yet his metabolism rate takes care of all that food.


And I… I ordered two corn dogs, an order of onion rings, and my very own peach milkshake.

Over the rim, guys.

The Low Point

Obviously the low point is super clear. I, as a 28 year old grown up, consciously and purposefully ordered not one, but two — TWO — corn dogs. *hangs head in shame*

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The thing is, I am not really much of a corn dog eater. I mean, seriously they’re kind of gross. A hot dog surrounded by artificial cornbread and then dipped into ketchup and mustard. Sick.

They were so good yesterday. Seriously.

My corn dog craving hits once a year, and when it does there’s nothing I can do besides get one.

Or two.


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