The Hangover

In case you’re worried: I don’t drink alcohol. So all of you who are Mormon and know I’m Mormon can breathe a sigh of relief over my soberness.

I’ve felt like the only benefit to my living in Utah (for quite some time now) has been my lack of allergies. Oh sure, hay fever pops up every once in awhile, but in comparison to Oregon, land of mold, I wasn’t really plagued by the sneezes all that much.

As consequence, we haven’t kept ourselves really well stocked up on non-drowsy allergy medications.

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But at some point last year, we felt the need to buy some Wal-Dryl (yep, you guessed it — Walgreen’s version of Benadryl), so when my allergies struck me with great force yesterday at work, I thought I’d be taken care of just fine.

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To be fair, the sneezes were totally taken care of, but so was my energy. And with a very similar force to my allergies, the drowsies hit, and I might have taken a four hour nap yesterday evening.

I won’t confirm nor deny this.

Unfortunately by the time I wanted to actually sleep in my bed with the lights off, wearing pajamas, contact lenses out, the sneezes had returned (damn the sneezes!) so I did the only thing I could.

I took another Wal-dryl.

The Low Point

When my alarm went off this morning, I awoke with a really incredible OTC medicine-induced hangover. The type that makes you want to crawl back under the covers and sleep a few more hours, then take a shower and wash off any remaining hangover you possibly can.

But I couldn’t do that. I had to wake up, like a grown-up, and get ready for work, where I would then have to be productive and communicate with people by phone or via email (thank goodness for email templates is all I’m saying).

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The Lower Point

At BYU, there’s no caffeine to be found.*


As in, the only soda offered is Caffeine Free Coca Cola and Caffeine Free Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper. And, I’ve got to say, it’s days like this that really make me want to abuse that one delightful substance. Just a little.
*This is significant because I work at BYU.


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