The Chill Factor

Yeah, I know, it’s like I should probably start a running blog with all the posts I write about running. To be fair, it’s basically the only abnormal thing I’ve done in awhile and I suck at it, so it should provide for you hours of entertainment.

So this morning I decided to skip the gym (and the twerpy like twerp at the front desk) and do an outside run — really show how fit and active my lifestyle has become. I convinced Husband to come along, mostly to show off how lightning fast I am, and we got dressed and grabbed our iPods and headed outside.

The Low Point

So. In the event that you are unaware of what running when the temperatures feel like 38 degrees thanks to 20 mph winds, let me enlighten you. It feels a lot like hell. In the cold way. Your lungs feel like they’re going to burst, your chest tightens, your throat closes up a little bit, things might start tasting a little bit like blood (is this just a weird “me” thing? Because it totally happens whenever it’s cold and/or windy), and your arms will go numb and tingly.

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And don’t think you’re actually going to run the mile you originally anticipated; oh no. Expect to run somewhere around a quarter of a mile before giving up and walking the remainder of your route, till you get home, ice cold, with stiff joints and a really sore jaw.

It’s super fun, guys.


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