When My Moodlet Goes Down

I had big plans to wake up early and hit the gym before work. Of course this occurred after I cancelled said gym membership (I have one more month to “enjoy” what the club has to “offer,” namely broken, sticky machines and a bathroom that’s so poorly stocked I once had to use a toilet seat cover to not cover the toilet seat). There’s something about canceling a membership that makes you want to participate.

And so, after helping my Sim achieve Gardening Master status, I turned the computer off, set my alarm for 6:30 (yeah, in the MORNING), and slipped into bed.

And then I laid there.

And I laid there.

And I laid there.

Because sometimes when you get into bed, there’s absolutely no reason to sleep. Sometimes you should just lay there, as though you don’t have to wake up and go to work and be a productive human being.

Naturally when the alarm did go off, I felt like this:

Photo courtesy of crazyfiberlady.com

so I re-set the alarm, fell back asleep, and didn’t go to the gym.

What follows is a series of events dredged in guilt.

I ate a fun size Snickers to feel better.


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