It’s Hairspray!

For your information: I never have been, nor will I ever be, one of those wives who lets her husband dictate her physical appearance. Sure, I take Husband shopping at the mall, but I’ve purchased many a clothing item he didn’t particularly care for. I’m a great wife, nonetheless, and will never make him wear those articles of clothing ever. I’m that awesome. It took Husband a little bit of time for him to understand that at any given time I could come home with different hair and has acclimated to it, which, let’s be honest, makes life more better.

So lately I’ve had this desire to go a little edgy and have consistently chickened out. I went the asymmetrical route a few times, enjoyed that, but never felt all that hip.  About 26 weeks ago (according to Pinterest), I found a picture I liked and re-pinned it (before the whole legality thing happened, I promise) and then let it sit there. For, you know, 26 weeks.

But Tuesday morning I woke up late and didn’t have time to wash my hair and I needed a haircut anyhow, so I called the salon and scheduled a haircut right after work. I was going to get that haircut if it killed me.

Photo courtesy of

I’d really hoped that getting this haircut would also give me beautifully arched eyebrows and porcelain skin, but unfortunately things didn’t quite pan out there. There’s still time, people.

Neither Husband nor Mom particularly care for the cut, so in return I will never make them get their hair cut in such a fashion (this is actually really funny because Husband shaves his head bald almost every morning). Because, remember, I’m awesome. But it’s gone over pretty well with friends and coworkers and when I look in the mirror, I think, “Damn I look good.” In a humble sort of way. But honestly, I do feel a little edgy and hip and vanity aside, it only takes about 5 minutes to style (sans hairbrush, which is even cooler), which is just how I like it.

The Low Point

Tonight, Husband and I were watching the Jazz basketball game (which turned out to be a low point for him because they lost to the Suns in the same fashion as they did to the Kings) and I noticed that I actually have a very similar haircut to this guy:

Photo courtesy of

So. That’s too bad.


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