The Drug Store Strikes Again

I actually had a flurry of low points all in one day, which happens sometimes. You wake up and the world is temporarily against you.

So here’s how it went down. I had a vocal competition I planned to win, but instead I lost and effectively embarrassed myself during almost the entire performance because I am not actually as awesome as my family and friends have led me to believe. Thanks for the never-ending love and support, guys. But I’m nothing, if not resilient, and by the time the weekend ended I was more or less over it. More or less. But then I needed to return video equipment to the computing services office so as to avoid waking up earlier than I prefer and being in the office an hour before necessary and, wouldn’t you know it, the building was locked.

This has not actually ever happened before. So.

And then I needed to buy toothpaste and mouthwash because we were relegated to a trial size tube that didn’t seem like it fought bad breath nor gingivitis and I was constantly left wondering if I’d been lied to by the ADA approvers. It just seemed like a good way to spend my night post-loss and embarrassment. At the drug store, in a dress, at 10:30 pm. Mary, FTW.

The Low Point

Don’t worry — there were no comments on my being Asian or employees absolutely befuddled that I might need some chopsticks. Instead, once I made it to the checkout counter, I found myself behind a man who had blood smeared along his jawline. I kind of took stock and noticed more blood smeared along the right pocket of his cargo shorts and on his hand. I felt fairly certain that the cashier would be filling his bag with bandages and Neosporin, but instead I saw her place two cans of Arizona tea and a couple bags of snack foods inside.

Is this a thing? Going to the drugstore in blood smeared clothes to buy low quality, canned tea and chips? If it is, can I be forewarned next time?

Because seriously. Kind of creepy.


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