Valentine’s Day

Don’t worry, this isn’t some sad post about how lame my Valentine’s Day is going to be that will make you feel hot and itchy with discomfort about my unraveling marriage.

In reality I have a super awesome husband and he obviously has a super awesome wife and I’m making him crepes tonight. Crepes, people. Plus, the word on the street is that he’s planning a big extravaganza that will combine Valentine’s Day and my birthday into one enormous, epic event in a couple weekends.

And since I’m happily married, this isn’t a post about how much I hate Valentine’s Day because I’m totally into it this year.

The Low Point

I thought a Pandora love songs station would be just the thing for my workday. I’m not sure what I was imagining would happen, but I think it involved me suddenly wearing a poofy ballgown, with little animated birds and bunnies surrounding me, listening to Disney. At my desk. Or something.

Instead, Pandora thought what would actually be awesome is the following line-up:

“Don’t Stop Believin’,” Journey (I’m actually pretty okay with this because I am a Journey junkie)
“I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” Aerosmith
“Please Forgive Me,” Bryan Adams
“My Heart Will Go On,” Celine Dion (this is unquestionably the most offensive)
“I’ll Stand By You,” Carrie Underwood (this is a close second)
“All My Life,” K-Ci & JoJo
“Faithfully,” Journey
“Someone Like You,” Adele (in case I’m celebrating a maudlin, anti-Valentine’s Day)
“My Immortal,” Evanescence (what is happening.)
“Heaven,” Bryan Adams

I know, it’s a really curious thing, how I didn’t turn it off within about three songs, and definitely as soon as Titanic came on. It’s still playing right now, even.

So, from me to you, in a random act of loving, Valentine’s Day kindness, here’s a video of “My Heart Will Go On.” It even has scenes from the movie. You’re welcome.


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